The Red Fairy

Stoner Art

Stoner Art
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Once upon a time, in a stinky little hell hole, two young womyn named Kate and Saraline were enjoying some marijuana in their backyard.

Suddenly, one of them noticed a strange light falling from the sky; a thin stream of smoke trailing behind it.

"What was that?"
"Mayhap it was a UFO?"
"Mayhap it was an asteroid?"
"Nay! It be a fairy, red and free!"


Stoner Art: As close to world peace as we'll get

But seriously, join, post anything created whilst under the influence of mind-altering type substances. Be nice. Don't waste the munchies. And smoke another bowl.

Hear this now; My Chili Pepper Is Not Dead!

if i can do this stoned, you can do anything...?!?

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