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The Red Fairy

Stoner Art

6/10/13 10:28 pm - desertdreams67

3/15/13 08:16 pm - lucky_clover22 - Trying to start a new community

Hello everyone,
So today I was checking out some of the options on LJ because it has beed so long since i have been on here, and I realized that I can make my own comunity. Needless to say I was uber excited to discover this, so I have decided to start a page dedicated to people with tattoos and piercings. This page is intended for people to cratively show off their body art. If you are interested in joining and helping to make this an awesome comunity with tons of great tats and piercings than please visit my comunity http://lovemyink.livejournal.com/ join, and add some creative photos of your body art, and maybe even comment on and admire other's.

3/21/07 03:33 am - gigglingfox - Where else will you see an MC with an orange mohawk?

It doesn't matter if you're a hip-hop head or a punker at heart.  SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!!! What else are you doing Thursday and Sunday? I've seen Free Minds play to packed crowds, and they never disappoint. (And boy do they know how to get irie!!!)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

About Free Minds: Free Minds is a group of like-minded individuals who have maintained a strong foundation of friendship over the years. Months. Days. Collaborations between the emcees in the crew are never limited by subject or style and every recording hopefully reflects the positive energy created in the room at the time. World domination is a goal, but mostly Free Minds just want to give back to the culture that helped raise them.

10/31/06 09:31 pm - gigglingfox - Some Dope Music Is Coming Out Of SD

6/2/06 12:22 am - ninjaguydan - The Friday X-post

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5/26/06 12:08 am - ninjaguydan - The Friday X-post

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5/19/06 02:14 am - ninjaguydan - The Friday X-post

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5/12/06 12:05 am - ninjaguydan - The Friday X-post

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5/5/06 12:09 am - ninjaguydan - The Friday X-post

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4/28/06 12:04 am - ninjaguydan - The Friday X-post

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